Defended by a Highland Renegade

Book 2 in the Scottish Treasure Series.


A bride on the run doesn't expect a kilted outlaw to come to her rescue...

When Lady Mairiana MacKerrick witnesses her fiancé, Alec Lindsay, committing a murder three days before their wedding, she decides she must run away. Darack Grant, secretly an outlaw MacGregor, is on a secret mission, but when he finds Mairiana hiding in the stables, he decides to help her escape. He remembers the lovely lass from their one meeting a few years before. Though he was drawn to her, he always saw her as far beyond his reach. Mairiana finds her hidden inner strength and trusts the Highland renegade to protect her on their journey through the Scottish Highlands. On the way, they find an astonishing passion. But Alec will stop at nothing to reclaim his betrothed and destroy Darack, even pin a murder on him.


Author's note: This story follows and is linked to Stolen by a Highland Rogue. Mairiana's brother Dugald and his wife, Camille, appear in that story.

Reader Reviews
  • DEFENDED BY A HIGHLAND RENEGADE by Vonda Sinclair is another outstanding Scottish Romance author, one who never disappoints her readers. Can a bride on the run from her evil fiance and a Highlander on a secret mission find safety, passion and a HEA? Filled with deceit, betrayal, challenges, suspense and romance. Readers will be thrilled from the first to the last. Another must read Novella." April Renn

  • "I am absolutely in love with this series. Darack finds Mairiana hiding in the stables after she witnesses her betrothed murder a mam. Darack being there for his own reasons helps her and vows to get her back to her brother. I can say it best like this. I'll tell you what I want, what I really really ... I really really want another book in this series!" Linda A. (Amazon)

  • "Another wonderful highland adventure with Vonda Sinclair! With every character she creates I can always find a piece of me in them. In Defended by a Highland Renegade we get to meet Mairiana MacKerrick, a strong willed lass who has decided to not marry the man she thought was her knight in shining armor and return home, ALONE, not to mention swallowing some of her own pride because she really made a big deal out of how much she loved Alec, to her brother the Laird of the MacKerrick clan. While she was planning her escape she was found by Darack Grant, AKA, the outlaw Darack MacGregor. Though he has other things he would rather take care of, he just can't resist helping our Lass get home. Mostly because a true highlander is nothing if not honorable in doing the right thing. So grab a cup of tea, a cozy blanket and curl up and read this awesome story of love, honor and learning that not getting what you want is sometimes much better." kindle_michigan (reader)

  • 5 PLUS STARS - DEFENDED BY A HIGHLAND RENEGADE - VONDA SINCLAIR: I couldn't believe how much I enjoyed this story. MY OH MY what an H[ero]! Plus our h[eroine] was feisty and I loved their banter. Romance takes it's time, but you could feel it building. This author write so vividly that with her words you could imagine the awful smells, feel the suspense. Lovemaking very mild within marriage. So much suspense and intrigue and an ending I was shocked. Plus I loved the epilogue. I own 9 stories by this author and just purchased the one about our h[eroine's] brother called Stolen By A Highland Rogue...." NavyWave 62 (Amazon)

  • 5.00 / 5 - Reviewer Top Pick at Night Owl Reviews "Defended by a Highland Renegade" is an exciting, nonstop chase filled with intrigue and budding romance. From the moment Mairiana asks Darak for help, the adventure begins. Ms. Sinclair is a favorite of mine and I've come to expect a solid and original story from her. This one doesn't disappoint. The characters are honest and real. Although there's a strong attraction from the beginning, it's no insta-love story. Through dialogue and actions, Mairiana and Darak find mutual respect and passion along the way. The plot keeps moving at a fast pace as our couple runs to survive. It's truly a story you'll want to read in one sitting just to find out how it ends. I highly recommend Vonda Sinclair's Highlander stories. They can be read as stand-alones but it's nice to revisit old friends from other books.Lady Mairiana MacKerrick had made a terrible mistake in choosing her betrothed. Now she's on the run with an outlaw who must hide his true identity. Darak MacGregor is from an outlawed clan and spends his days helping his remaining clansmen. He could never imagine what will happen when he agrees to help the the lady he found hiding in the stables." Emma, Night Owl Reviews

  • Enchanting!Defended by a Highland Renegade by Vonda Sinclair is a very captivating novella! Ms. Sinclair is a talented storyteller who never disappoints me, and Darack and Mairiana's story was very pleasing. I spent a wonderful afternoon following these two passionate characters through the Scottish Highlands. This story starts as Mairiana witnesses her future husband, Alec, murder a man. Therefore, the trust she had in him is definitely broken and she tries to run away. Then, Darack finds her hiding and decides to help her by running away together. Along their journey filled with action, twists, and turns, they will share secrets, and this trust will create a strong bond between Darack and Mairiana. Beautiful chemistry between these two made their passion impossible to resist. While running away together, Mairiana had to play a role that she didn't expect and events made her aware of Darack's Scottish charm. Who can resist a highlander! This novella was fun to read, and some scenes are so cute and funny! I felt a beautiful tenderness and passion between Mairiana and Darack, and I highly recommend Ms. Sinclair's books!" Nicole Laverdure, Books & Benches

  • "Simply a must read... Be prepared to stay up all night reading this one!" Amazon customer


    "I bought mine when it was on preorder, and am I ever glad I did! I STRONGLY recommend buying it.... Go on! What are you doing still reading this!?!? Get the book!" Dawn Annette Jorgensen


    "So love this lady's books. Vonda Sinclair always gives us an amazing reads. A bride on the run from her evil fiancee who just murdered a man, she runs into a brawny highlander and they flee across Scotland... so loved this novella , highly recommend. Ms Sinclair never disappoints, thank you for another amazing read." Sharon (Kindle reader)


"Ms. Sinclair pens fantastic historical romance. Her Highlander books are consistently fascinating, fast-paced and filled with passionate characters."

—Emma, Night Owl Reviews


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