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Flow Chart for the Highland Adventure Series

All of my books are stand-alone stories, but they are also linked in various ways through family relationships and friendships. (This flow chart is best viewed on a computer.)

Book 1, My Fierce Highlander, the beginning of the Highland Adventure Series. This book features Alasdair MacGrath and Gwyneth Carswell.


Scottish  Treasure Series


Scottish Treasure Series (Books 1 and 2.) This is a spin off mini-series from My Wild Highlander via Camille (the heroine, Angelique's cousin.)

Dugald (hero of Stolen by a Highland Rogue) and Mairiana (heroine of Defended by a Highland Renegade) are brother and sister.

Book 2, My Wild Highlander is about Lachlan MacGrath, brother of Alasdair. Angelique Drummagan is the heroine.



Book 3, My Brave Highlander, Dirk MacKay, (friend of Lachlan) and Isobel MacKenzie.

Book 4, My Daring Highlander, Keegan MacKay (cousin of Dirk) and Seona Murray

These 3 books are more closely linked via the MacKay clan.

Book 5, My Notorious Highlander Torrin MacLeod and Jessie MacKay (sister of Dirk.)


Book 6, My Rebel Highlander, is linked to the previous four books, all the way back to My Wild Highlander. The hero, Rebbie (the Earl of Rebbinglen) is in each of the books as a secondary character. Rebbie is the friend of Lachlan and Dirk.


Book 7, My Captive Highlander, is loosely linked to some of the previous books in that the hero, Shamus MacKenzie, is the brother of Isobel from My Brave Highlander. But more importantly, it's the beginning of another "spin off" series about the MacDonalds. Maili MacDonald is the heroine.

Book 8, Highlander Unbroken, Neacal MacDonald (brother of Maili) and Anna (MacQueen) Douglas.

Book 10: Highlander Besieged, Cyrus MacKenzie and Elspeth Seton. Cyrus is the older brother of Isobel and Shamus MacKenzie. Cyrus is friends with Rebbie, Dirk, Necal, Colin and several other heroes. Cyrus appears in several books in the series, starting with My Brave Highlander.


Book 9: Highlander Entangled: Colin Cameron and Kristina MacQueen. This story is closely linked to Highlander Unbroken. Kristina and Anna are sisters. Colin and Neacal are friends.

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