Highlander Besieged_Vonda Sinclair


Highlander Besieged

Book 10 in the Highland Adventure Series!

(Each book in the series is a stand-alone romance.)

She's wrong for him in every way, so why can't he stop thinking about her?


Cyrus MacKenzie, a powerful Highland chief and newly titled Earl of Stornmor, is in search of the perfect bride. The young, naïve daughter of a marquess should do nicely, but she's not the one who has captured his attention.

Lady Elspeth Seton, Baroness Grey, is a widow with a secret past. She's also a cunning businesswoman who has fought for everything she has.  When a mysterious enemy turns her own guards against her and attempts to steal every piece of property she owns, she's uncertain who to rely on. With his fearsome warlord reputation and battle-hardened scowl, Cyrus is the last man she wishes to seek help from, but he's the only one offering it. She wants no domineering Highland earl taking control of her life, but in order to protect her home and her businesses, she must learn to trust him.

More accustomed to laying siege to castles than charming the ladies, Cyrus has no patience for stubbornly secretive women like Elspeth. He's infamous for deadly glares that terrify lesser men, but he's impressed by Elspeth's strength, fortitude, and canniness, for she not only stands toe-to-toe with him but also stands beside him to confront the enemy.

How can one ginger-haired lady with intoxicating eyes the color of whisky besiege his stone-cold heart? Even though his mind tells him she's the absolute worst woman for him, in his heart, he knows he will risk life and limb to protect her from the brutal Lowland laird bent on destroying her.

Released October 2, 2019.

Reader Reviews
  • "Truly another superb and marvelous Scottish tale by Vonda Sinclair... a story with several unexpected twists! 'Highlander Besieged' is a captivating Scottish historical romance readers will love from beginning to end."

    Nicole L. (Goodreads)

  • "I knew from the blurb this would be a great story, but with Vonda Sinclair working her magic with words and descriptions, it was so much more! A fantastic addition to this series that only makes me want to read more! I truly fell in love with Cyrus and Elspeth and I know you will too!" Lori D (Goodreads)

  • "Go ahead and add this to your TBR list! Better yet, read it now!!! I have waited on this book for a while, and believe me, it was worth the wait!!! I have read every book Vonda Sinclair has written. I gave this book 5 stars as I have with all her books! She has never failed to give me romance, exceptional characters, passion and excitement! I loved Elsbeth and Cyrus....they were meant to be together!!!" Darlene (Goodreads)

  • "Vonda Sinclair has added another to her list of outstanding books about romance and intrigue in the Scottish Highlands. This book was so good I Could not stop reading. I would recommend it to anyone." Kindle Customer

  • "Captivating tale... Strong characters with compelling personalities and great chemistry make this an intriguing novel. The plot moves quickly and kept me turning the pages. Looking forward to more in this series!" Lily (Amazon)

  • "Oh this is such a great story, pulled me in and onto a great adventure such great characters!! Loved it" Deborah (Goodreads)

  • "Vonda has done it again with another outstanding read... this lady never never fails to amaze me with her writing skills and oh so sexy highlanders and her fabulous woman characters... each of her characters comes to life as you read along with the story and you never want her books to end..." Sharon F. (Amazon)

  • "I found Vonda's book during a trying time in my life. You know how there is always one character and you want that story. Cyrus was that character for me. I loved how he knew something was there the minute he first laid eyes on Elspeth. I love how they both fought the bond, but the bond was stronger, just like their love." KGin (Amazon) 

  • "What a terrific love story with everything you can imagine. Steamy heat, thrilling adventure, terror, sexy highlander, an awful villain and more. No lagging in this exciting romance. One thing after another kept me glued to this book. The characters were so interesting and the plot had many up and downs. Truly a tense and thrilling ending and don't forget the heat level was high. I loved this book and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good highland love story." CS (Amazon)

  • 'Everything I want in a story. Hero with a strong sense of fair play; stubborn heroine who needs his help; treachery; and old foes. Very good read." Munchkin (Amazon)

  • "Just like the previous books in the series, this one captured my attention from the very beginning and was a complete page turner until the very end. The writing is absolutely beautiful and the story and characters came completely alive...They are each what neither of them wants but discover the other is everything that they need. The chemistry they have is so strong you can feel it. It is perfectly paced and believable too. And who doesn’t love a story where the hero and heroine fight their attraction to each other?! One word - FIREWORKS!! If you love a good Highlander romance, guaranteed you’ll love this one too! Absolutely mesmerizing read from beginning to end and one I highly recommend. It makes me want to reread the entire series! Absolutely love it." Candace N. (Goodreads)

  • "Loved this story. Could not put it down. Elspeth and Cyrus were two [great] characters.Both never wanting love, but found it anyway.They were such a team together. A couple that could [beat] the odds and be stronger together.Also Love beats the odds and Wins." March G. (Amazon)

  • "This is my first read by Mrs Vonda Sinclair, and it will not be the last.
    One thing is sure, she has a way with words, from the very beginning I was engrossed by this story of betrayal and love finding its unexpected path. What a tale the author has crafted, such an entertaining and adventurous story." Elodie (Amazon)

  • "Vonda writes some brilliant books, this one is exciting, romantic and full of wonderful characters. Great stuff!" Maggie W. (Goodreads)

  • "Wonderfully written. Loved the entire story." Kindle Customer

    "Such strong characters... I loved Cyrus and Elspeth's story... you will fall in love with the strength of these two people and you will cheer them on toward their HEA." yankeetexan (Amazon)


"Ms. Sinclair pens fantastic historical romance. Her Highlander books are consistently fascinating, fast-paced and filled with passionate characters."

—Emma, Night Owl Reviews


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