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Step back through the mists of time into a different world . . . Scotland of centuries ago.


The Highland Shifters Series

This is a fun magical, paranormal fantasy series not linked to my historical romance series.

Book 1: Dreaming of a Devilish Highlander

Book 2: Charming a Cursed Highlander

The Highland Adventure Series

Each historical romance book is a stand alone story. The series doesn't have to be read in order, but if you would like to, this is the order:


Book 1: My Fierce Highlander

Book 2: My Wild Highlander

Book 3: My Brave Highlander

Book 4: My Daring Highlander

Book 5: My Notorious Highlander
Book 6: My Rebel Highlander

Book 7: My Captive Highlander 

Book 8: Highlander Unbroken

Book 9: Highlander Entangled

Book 10: Highlander Besieged

The Scottish Treasure Series

I created this sub-series of historical romance books because they follow My Wild Highlander (Book 2, Highland Adventure) in a spin off series. They have a wee touch of paranormal.

Book 1: Stolen by a Highland Rogue

Book 2: Defended By a Highland Renegade

How are the books in my series linked?


Alasdair (hero of My Fierce Highlander) and Lachlan (hero of My Wild Highlander) are brothers.


Dirk (hero of My Brave Highlander) and Lachlan (hero of My Wild Highlander) are good friends.


Keegan (hero of My Daring Highlander) and Dirk (hero of My Brave Highlander) are cousins.


Jessie (heroine of My Notorious Highlander) and Dirk (hero of My Brave Highlander) are sister and brother.


Rebbie (hero of My Rebel Highlander) is good friends with Dirk and Lachlan.


Shamus (hero of My Captive Highlander) and Isobel (heroine of My Brave Highlander) are brother and sister.


Neacal (hero of Highlander Unbroken) and Maili (heroine of My Captive Highlander) are brother and sister.

Colin (hero of Highlander Entangled) and Neacal (hero of Highlander Unbroken) are best friends. AND Kristina (heroine of Highlander Entangled) and Anna (heroine of Highlander Unbroken) are sisters.


Camille (heroine of Stolen by a Highland Rogue) and Angelique (heroine of My Wild Highlander) are cousins.

Mairiana (heroine of Defended by a Highland Renegade) and Dugald (hero of Stolen by a Highland Rogue) are brother and sister.

Cyrus (hero of Highlander Besieged) and Shamus (My Captive Highlander) are brothers. Cyrus (hero of Highlander Besieged) and Isobel (My Brave Highlander) are brother and sister.

For a Series Flow Chart please click here

Praise for Vonda's books

"Ms. Sinclair pens fantastic historical romance. Stunning settings are richly described and her characters are real and believable.... The plot is filled with suspense, romance and passion. I freely admit that I'm biased in my opinion of this series - I love it. However, that fact makes my expectations very high for each new story. Ms. Sinclair doesn't disappoint. Her Highlander books are consistently fascinating, fast-paced and filled with passionate characters."

—Emma, Night Owl Reviews

"Any book written by this author is a book you want to read. Each book can stand on its own, but read it a series it will blow your mind. When you are done with the first book you are ready for the next one... truly amazing writer."  

—Jane N. (Kindle reader)

"It not often that you find such a great, long list of stories, all by the same author. I truly enjoyed going from the first book #1, to the last book.... The characters were fun, the stories exciting and they moved quickly from one peril to the next with happy endings." —Karen (Kindle reader)

"Sensual, very authentic. You’ve got a winner!!! Good show, milady!!!"

—Terry Spear, USA Today Bestseller


"Vonda Sinclair brings the characters to life and that is the sign of a great writer, just as each of her books are great!" —Shandra Shaw, reader


"I'm a big fan of this series and one of the reasons is the depth of character that the author gives the reader. I feel as though as I know these people and I'm invested in their lives."

—Emma, Night Owl Reviews

"Fun dialogue. Angelique was charming and fiery, while Lachlan was the man every woman wants to fall in love with. [He is] very engaging... the kind of awesome guy readers clamor for." —Joanne Rock, author

" to read and entertaining. This writer has a great voice and a great gift of story-telling."—Jackie Ivie, author

"...I was simply caught up in the story, totally captivated..."
—Kristina Cook, author


"Vonda Sinclair captures the excitement and magic in romance with My Fierce Highlander! I was glued to this riveting story start to finish and did not want it to end."

—Crystal, Reading Between the Wines


"The chemistry between Alasdair and Gwyneth is sizzling. Ms Sinclair makes the Highlands of Scotland come to life through her writing. It's authentic and puts your right in the moment."

—J. Mackin


"My Fierce Highlander by Vonda Sinclair is a touching read, filled with adventure and heart stopping romance."

—Tami Dee


"Vonda writes with so much passion, you can feel like you are right there in the midst of what's happening"

—Reviewer, Bitten By Paranormal Romance


"Vonda Sinclair hits all the right notes with My Fierce Highlander. She has a strong heroine who is easy to root for, and a hard, tough alpha hero who has a big heart and a great capacity to love." —Derek D.


I loved this book "My Rebel Highlander" as Ms. Sinclair had built up Rebbie's character throughout the previous 5 books so I felt like I knew him when this book came out. I couldn't put it down; I would wake up with it still in my hands in the wee hours of the morning etc. I just now finished it and even though I loved all of the "Highlander Adventure" Series, this is my favorite. I look forward to more of her books as she "takes me away" to one place I'd love to see, Scotland. Thank You!!!  —Kindle Customer (Amazon Review)


My most favorite out of the series, [My Notorious Highlander] loved this story and loved the characters! Vonda has a way of drawing the reader into her stories and making the characters come alive for us. They are believable and have their flaws as we all do and I think that endears them to me even more. I've now read the complete series several times over and found them to be enjoyable and mesmerizing all over again, can't wait for her next story or series to be published! I would recommend any of her books without hesitation, big thumbs up for Vonda Sinclair!

—Lisa G. (Amazon Review)

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