My Notorious Highlander by Vonda Sinclair

My Brave Highlander

Book 3 of the Highland Adventure Series -  Dirk and Isobel's story

Released July 18, 2012

Note: Each book of the series is a stand-alone romance.

Battle-hardened warrior Dirk MacLerie isn't who everyone thinks he is. He's Dirk MacKay, heir apparent to the MacKay chiefdom and Dunnakeil Castle on the far north coast of Scotland. When he returns home after a long absence, will his clan know him and will the duplicitous enemy who tried to murder him twelve years ago kill him in truth this time?

Lady Isobel MacKenzie is a beautiful young widow betrothed to yet another Highland chief by her brother's order. But when her future brother-in-law accosts her and threatens to kill her, she is forced to flee into a Highland snowstorm. When she runs into a rugged and imposing man she thought dead, she wonders if he will turn her over to her enemy or take her to safety.

Dirk remembers the enchanting, dark-eyed Isobel from when he was a lad, but now she is bound to another man by legal contract—an important detail she would prefer to forget. She wishes to choose her own husband and has her sights set on Dirk. But he would never steal another man's bride… would he? The tantalizing lady fires up his passions, testing his willpower and honor at every turn, even as some of his own treacherous clansmen plot his downfall.

Available in Audio
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You can listen to a five minute sample at Amazon, Audible or iTunes. Or you can listen at YouTube. Dave Gillies is the narrator. He has a wonderful expressive voice and an authentic Scottish accent (because he is Scottish.) :)

Reader Reviews
  • "I REALLY enjoyed My Brave Highlander. Lots of action and sensuality--Dirk is so intense and yet when he's near Isobel the heat crackles and his defenses fall. The scenery is vivid and magical. I felt like I was in the midst of the Highlands, the snow falling and melting on my cheeks. Beyond the sizzling sensual tension (which Ms. Sinclair is an expert at weaving!) the adventurous plot had me on the edge of my seat. And Dirk's enemy--HATED with a passion. Ms. Sinclair has the unique ability to pull an emotional response from her reader on every single page. Filled with romance, I had a constant smile to my face, I got chills, the whole nine yards! This might be my favorite of all three books in the Highland Adventure series. Well done, Ms. Sinclair--I highly recommend this book! And I can't wait to read the next one!"  -Eliza Knight, History Undressed

  • "I loved MY BRAVE HIGHLANDER! An intriguing tale of Love, Loss, Betrayal and heart stopping romance! A story you definitely DON'T want to miss! You gotta love those Highlanders!"  -A.L. Snider


    "Ms. Sinclair is a phenomenal writer with an impressive knowledge of Scotland and Scottish history. This makes her writing not only incredibly interesting but highly atmospheric. I also love the way she's worked the old Scottish marriage customs into the plot... Ms. Sinclair has a true talent for making her heroes powerful and fearsome while also human and vulnerable, and charmingly romantic. That is what sexy is all about IMO. Dirk is no exception. I loved how tough yet vulnerable he was and how determined he was to forge his own path despite numerous obstacles and dangers." -Vanessa Holland, author

  • "Each and every book has been great, I feel as if I know each and every person that Vonda Sinclair writes about and that is a rare quality!" Shandra Shaw, reader 


    "Vonda Sinclair never fails to entertain you with a page turning adventure and a sizzling romance. With her vivid imagination you'll find her characters and story flows excellent together. This book is part of a series but they are all standalones."

    -Bitten By Paranormal Romance


    "Ms. Sinclair is truly a great writer of Scottish adventure, it's fast paced, breathless, hot and sexy! If you love to read an amazing Scottish historical romance, then this book is for you!"  -Nicole Laverdure, reader


    "Vonda Sinclair is turning out to be my favorite author. Her books are very entertaining."  -Katherine, Amazon reader

  • 5 stars, Top Pick "I loved My Brave Highlander. It was an excellent read. The characters were written extremely well, all of them. I fell in love with them from the beginning. Isobel and Dirk are great together; I was rooting for them from the very beginning. Isobel is a strong woman that is handling what has happened to her really well. I love the fact that she doesn't back down. The flow of the story is really smooth. The story moves at a good pace. I was drawn in from the beginning and didn't put it down until I finished it. There is plenty of action in this story to hold your attention. There is intrigue that keeps you guessing until the end. You are given some clues and know some of what is going on but you do not get all of it until the end. I can't wait for the next book in the series. This is the third book in the Highland Adventure series. It can be standalone without any issues, but I recommend reading the first two to get to know Dirk and his best friend, and for pure enjoyment."  -Night Owl Reviews

  • 4.5 out of 5 stars. When I first picked this book up, I was surprised at how quickly it captured my attention and then I remembered that it’s a Vonda Sinclair book, and wanted to smack myself, because DUH! Of course it sucked me in, she’s a fantastic writer.I think the intensity of this book is increased because it’s not just a simple love story, it’s not just a simple rescue, and well, to be honest, NOTHING is simple in this book.


    Isobel has been dodging advances from her soon-to-be brother in law while her fiancé is away for a few weeks. It comes to the point where Isobel has to fight for her life, and after knocking the jerk out, she thinks she’s killed him. Not knowing her fiancé too well, she assumes she’ll be hanged for killing the brother of the laird, and she runs.Dirk McKay is actually the heir to his clan, but he’s been in hiding and using the name MacLerie. Soon he’s pushed into going home, though, and he’s not sure that is a good thing. His stepmother tried to kill him so her sons could inherit. And while his father has recently died, the stepmother still holds sway over her sons.


    The trek north is time enough for Isobel to know that she wants Dirk, whether it’s for one night or more, she wants him. But she doesn’t want to bring him trouble, either, so she asks to be sent home to her brother. Dirk finds he can’t let her go, but he doesn’t want to marry her, because as newly appointed laird of the McKay clan, he doesn’t want to start a feud over stealing another man’s bride. Yet he can’t keep from thinking about her, and the wee devil can’t keep her hands off him.With one laird on the hunt for his wayward bride-to-be, and another laird looking for his sister, what can Dirk and Isobel do to stay together? And can they survive the many attacks on their lives?I love this series, and Vonda Sinclair has a way of writing that catches you right from the beginning and doesn’t let go until well after it’s ended.  - Got Fiction


"Ms. Sinclair pens fantastic historical romance. Her Highlander books are consistently fascinating, fast-paced and filled with passionate characters."

—Emma, Night Owl Reviews


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