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Dreaming of a Devilish Highlander

Book 1 in the Highland Shifters Series

A devilish Highlander cursed to change form…

After defeating his enemies in an ambush, Gavin MacTavish is cursed by a witch of the dark arts. Lady Wilona MacRae, mother of his slain foe, exacts her revenge by turning Gavin and his two friends into shapeshifters. Gavin transforms into a hawk at dawn each day, and back into a man at sunset. He becomes chief of a dwindling clan because most have fled, fearing him as if he were the devil himself.

A wayward lass from the future…

When Dani MacRae, a 21st century English lit professor, is given an ancient family heirloom, she begins having sensual dreams of a gorgeous Highlander. When she holds a 400-year-old claymore sword at the Highland games, she's thrust back in time to 1630 Scotland into the bedchamber of the intriguing man who invades her dreams.

Can true love break an evil spell?

After kissing the bonny, unusual lass, Gavin knows she's the only woman for him--and the only woman who can destroy the curse and end his suffering. But will she agree to wed him, and can Gavin conceal from her the creature he becomes at the break of each day?

Published Feb. 9, 2022


Paperback and


Reader Reviews:

I absolutely adored this book! Well worth waiting for!!! Mrs. Sinclair just let us know what a great author she is again! Dani and Gavin found a great love even with his turning into a hawk and her falling back in time! Just goes to show, love conquers all! Darlene - Goodreads

Dani and Gavin had such a great love story. I’m thrilled that this is #1 of a new series. I just loved the characters and storyline so much. Thank you Vonda for sharing this wonderful wonderful story.  Mindy - Goodreads

Fabulous new release... this is a new step for Vonda writing time travel and she has done an awesome job with this great read... so love this lady's writing and looking forward to the next book.  Sharon - Goodreads

I just read Dreaming of a Devilish Highlander and oh my gosh what a great and fun escape that was! The chemistry between the hero and heroine was fire. The dreams too *fans self*. All in all, a fast paced and enjoyable read! I’m looking forward to the next one!  Candace - Goodreads

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