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Mythical legends of the Scottish Highlands come alive in this fun, paranormal, fantasy romance set in the 1600s.


Thank you for visiting my website and for reading my books. Here, you will learn all about my Highland Adventure Series, Highland Shifters Series and Scottish Treasure Series, award-winning and USA Today bestselling Scottish historical and paranormal romance. Please feel free to browse through these pages and immerse yourself in my stories and beautiful Scotland.


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The myth and magic of the Scottish Highlands comes to life in this fun, paranormal fantasy romance set in the 1600s.

Torr, trapped by the curse, hates his dark and lonely existence. With her ginger hair and sunny enthusiasm, Cat bursts into his life like a fiery explosion. Falling for her would surely bring destruction upon their clans.


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Scotland is a beautiful, enchanting country filled with history, myth, and legend. I took these castle photos during my latest trip to Scotland (September 2023.) They're shown in the order I visited them. We traveled in a circle from Glasgow to Perth, then to Inverurie, Nairn, Pitlochry, and back to Glasgow. I find all Scottish castles inspiring, whether well-maintained, restored, or in ruins. I hope you enjoy this calendar and my photos. Thank you!


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