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5 Stars from The Reading Cafe

I have a new review and blog post at The Reading Cafe! Rachel T. wrote an absolutely beautiful review for Highlander Entangled!

Here are some snippets:

"Lady Kristina McQueen is our leading lady and I completely adore her. She is the kind of character you will be all in with, and your heart will break a hundred times, but you deep down will know she will make it through. She is carrying many scars, both emotional and physical and this has left her blind. She is kidnapped by the man who gave her her scars to try and get to her sister. Kristina possesses a strength that I am uncertain many women can achieve in that time and under these circumstances."

"Colin is the real deal. He is a good man, cares strongly but is no pushover. He is enchanted by this woman that has crossed his path and while there are certain attributes that a chief's wife must possess, he doesn’t seem to give two cares about it."

"Vonda is an excellent historical romance author and I say this because she writes vivid images and makes me feel like you have been thrown back in time, living this story with the characters."

My post there is about researching on location at Castle Tioram in Scotland, one of the places that inspired the setting of Highlander Entangled, as well as Highlander Unbroken and My Captive Highlander.

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