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Reviews from InD'tale

I'm thrilled with these two new reviews from InD'tale Magazine for Highlander Entangled and the audiobook of Highlander Unbroken! Both were awarded the Crowned Heart for excellence!

4.5 stars for Highlander Entangled: "Romantic, intriguing, with a solid background story and a heroine who, despite her disabilities, is still strong and capable... The writing is excellent, but the characterization is what really makes this book shine!" InD'tale April/May 2018

Please check out the full review by downloading a free copy of the magazine.

5 Stars for Highlander Unbroken audiobook:

"This beautiful story will have readers falling in love with the characters. The main characters, Anna and Neacal, overcome so much. They both have heartbreaking backstories that will leave readers hoping for a happy ending... Not only does this book have a beautiful romance, but it has plenty of action! This perfect blend makes the story flow wonderfully! Not only was the story a joy, but the narrator was perfect! The voice was soothing and enjoyable to listen to..." InD'tale Magazine April/ May 2018.

Please check out the full review by downloading a free copy of the digital magazine.

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